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The stellar shot of your dreams could be... 

3 deviants said Catching a true wormhole and its mass spitting energy
3 deviants said Stellar landscaping Uluru in the big red australian desert
2 deviants said A shot of Earth taken from a window of the Virgin Galactic in outer space
1 deviant said New York and the Milky Way shot from the 70th floor
1 deviant said Other (please describe and comment)
No deviants said A capture taken from a boat with the ocean and stars as your only company
No deviants said The Eiffel Tower surrounded by a billion stars and galaxies


I am a student photographer (amongst so many other things!) fascinated by the wonders of the Universe and Mother Nature as well.

With this club I want to gather, learn and share some of the best of starscape photography. Nothing more... And nothing less either :)

Rules are simple but PLEASE READ THEM:

- Submit what you consider to be your best starscape shots to the featured folder. You can submit up to 2 deviations per day to the Featured folder. Astro shots composite also belong there.
(please do not submit your stellar photomanips to "Featured", they belong to the "Stellar Miscellaneous Artworks and Favorites" folder, read below)

- Submissions should have nature or urban surroundings in their composition but pure astrophotography shots will be accepted as well: deep outer space captures are very welcome here, too!

- The "Landscapes by day" folder is meant to welcome and showcase your daylight captures of particular stellar events such as: comets, lenticular clouds, eclipses, etc.
Do not submit daylight landscapes that do not display the stellar conditions mentioned above, thank you.

- All submissions are subject to vote by our staff

- You can post test shots, photographs you arent' totally happy about and pictures of your gear in the "Stellar Gear and test shots" folder.

- You can post stellar photomanips and also non photographic stellar artworks in the "Stellar Miscellaneous Artworks and Favorites" folder

- Do NOT post artwork that isn't yours: if a DeviantArt starscape photographer has impressed you to the point you want to showcase his/her capture please suggest it as a fave, THANK YOU

- You can also submit tutorials about stellar landscape photography

- Behave and enjoy yourself!

Stellar cheers,






Hello folks,

I thought about interviewing myself for Stellar-Landscapers.
If you watch the group you know I love to make interviews of my staff and favorite photographers, too. I litterally made a point and tradition out of it and there is absolutely no reason I could escape it :)!

I'll be answering the same stellar questions I am so found of asking my killer contributor admins (Greg CapturingTheNight, Daniel Laanscapes, SD SleepinDevil, Michelle Questavia, Swift swiftmoonphoto and Calan calanjackal) - I am very proud and grateful of having such a talented staff of stellar photographers for the group.(you totally rule guys :thumbsup::heart: and are a constant inspiration for me, yes you are)

I am already smiling and blushing at the idea of unveiling myself through this interview and I hope you will enjoy it, too.:)



Here we go!

- When was your first encounter with the stars at night? Do you remember how old you were the first time you looked above and thought "Wow"?

I remember I was 5 when my mom bought me my first astronomy book. I instantly loved it. All these captures of deep outer space, nebulas, galaxies, made me feel like...home. :nod: I can even remember crying when reading the chapter about the death of stars, I found it very cruel that the stars die, too!
Anyway I was born and always lived in Paris so the skies were never completely dark but I can remember having a great time at learning the names of the stars I could observe and what names they have! I can remember spending hours with my binoculars admiring Orion, Mintaka, Alnilam,Alnitak, Rygel, Betelgeuse, Sirius etc... Even when winter was freezing cold I would let the kitchen window open to watch and admire the stars and planets.:)
And since I was also a huge sci-fi fan as a little girl (Star Trek, Buck Rogers) the Universe always felt and still feels like a natural environment for me. It really does.

- How do you feel when you look at the universe?

Whole and peaceful. Small yet all. Complete.
I think that there is an infinite number of universes and that we contain in the very core of our cells infinite universes, too.
The infinite is the only way to stop opposing physics and quantic laws - and once you include the notion of infinity these 2 physics and scales naturally include one another.
When I look at the universe, I feel home, too. Sometimes to the point of getting overwhelmed by this feeling.
But most of the time it is truly refreshing and calming to look at all these wonders.

- What is the first thing you do when you start preparing yourself for a night shooting session?

I always check the weather first. Wich naturally doesn't predict everything possible on this blue planet! :lol:
It is funny to see your weather app tell you that skies are clear at your location while all you can observe is a sudden complete night fog and the black silhouettes of trees deep in the woods.

- Tell us what is it you take with you exactly for your session

I take my full-spectrum converted Nikon D3100 for shorter exposures and more improvisation margin. The night is full of infrared so it is very cool to only need 15 or 20 seconds of exposure when you shoot at 1600 ISO.
My favorite tripod that is very light yet stable enough if it is not too windy. I am a big walker so I really appreciate not feeling the weigh of my gear.
A bottle of water and chocolate energy bars. Some little soda feels good, too.
A torch that can light in white, red or green as you choose the color you want.
Spare clothes to make sure I won't be freezing.
Cell phone.
A car and a friend or boyfriend are very useful, too haha!

- Do you like to improvise or would you rather have everything set and clear when you shoot?

I love to improvise actually. Wich means I can walk for hours, and decide to shoot anytime.:)
As long as I am sure I have everything I need as listed above I really enjoy the nightwalking in the woods and the company of Mother Nature.:)

- Do you make use of light painting to enhance the trees, bushes, houses and places you are shooting along with the stars?

I am used to lightpainting various objects indoors when shooting film but I am yet to discover the pleasure of lightpainting  under the stars. I only did two star/nightshooting sessions in the forest this year because of my health and I sure can't wait for my next one.:)

- Would you want to share some special stories and/or memories associated with some of your stellar shooting?

I can remember my very first starscape capture and how it all looked like a daylight capture filled with stars because I was experimenting various lengh of exposure and the first one I had tried was a 30 second one at 1600 ISO and F4 but stars were visible with the trees and I can remember I screamt and danced out of joy like a little girl so happy of having "fished" some stars with her camera.

I can also remember how I ended up working with the night fog during winter wich was rather challenging but fun, too. Especially when your weather app can't help but assure you that your location has perfectly "clear skies" :lol:!

- Do you have favorite places you often tend to return to when star shooting and what are they?

I did my first starshooting session in the Forest of Meudon near Paris, but I think there are many places all around the world awaiting for me and my Nikon to come and frame it all.:)

- If you could use a teleporter and transport yourself to the location of your dreams - what would it be?

On Earth I am thinking of the big red australian desert and Uluru, Iceland and its black lava desert, under the skies of Bolivia and see the stars from Mongolia, too.
If I could teleport myself to outer space I would love to shoot the volcanoes of Venus given I'd be provided some good thermic and acid protection of course.
I would love to shoot the inside of a wormhole, too even if I suspect this kind of travelling experience to be a little painful and not very comfortable one!:)


***Our beautiful affiliate sister club Trees-With-character is making a best of tree photography contest. They are my favorite group when it comes to submit my treescapes and tree related photography :)All details of the contest are available on their profile page.Cheers!***
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